Workplace Investigations

An organizations' response to allegations of inappropriate workplace behavior reflects their values and has the potential to influence employee morale and the workplace environment. Employers are held responsible for conducting a thorough and prompt review of employee complaints. However, investigations that are managed internally face several challenges. Employees routinely perceive them as biased, and HR professionals can be placed in an awkward position, especially if senior-level or management personnel are involved. HR professionals also have a vested interest in protecting the important working relationships they have with client groups and often don't have the resources they need to conduct these time-sensitive investigations.

HR Fuzion has experience conducting neutral fact-finding inquiries and can lend their expertise to the process, helping organizations meet their obligations and resolve issues quickly and at reduced costs. We also provide post-investigation consulting, including recommendations for resolving the complaint, policy review, workplace training, and individual coaching.

Types of Workplace Investigations at a Glance:

  •    Discrimination
  •    Drugs in the workplace
  •    Employee/supervisor misconduct
  •    Harassment
  •    Hostile work environment
  •    Interpersonal conflict
  •    Performance & behavioral issues
  •    Retaliation
  •    Workplace violence/threats