Organizational Effectiveness & Strategic Planning

Many client organizations have difficulty determining how their existing Human Resources strategy drives their overall businesses strategy and future success. We work with our clients to ensure their Human Resources strategy not only aligns with the business but supports your strategic long-range plans.

Organization Effectiveness Services at a Glance

Organization Design & Structure

  •    Review and development organizations; vision, mission, core values and/or departmental goals
  •    Evaluation of the business' efficiency & effectiveness
  •    Opinion survey of employee morale & corporate culture
  •    Roadmaps for change
  •    Organization & infrastructure development
  •    Evaluation of centralization vs. decentralization of HR programs

Clarification of Leadership Roles & Responsibilities

  •    Evaluation of team performance & dynamics
  •    Identification of challenges/obstacles facing the team
  •    Review of communication, decision-making & conflict resolution processes