Regulatory & Legal Compliance

By understanding the laws and regulations that apply to your business, you can be better positioned to avoid costly fines associated with unintended violations. For instance, the number of workers employed by a business triggers many statutes, both federal and state-mandated. Even employers with a small number of employees must comply with dozens of statutes, and that number grows as you add employees. At HR Fuzion, we're well versed in all matters of compliance, and can seamlessly integrate plans to protect your business.

HR Health Checks

When was the last time your Human Resources organization had a "check-up" to evaluate your Human Resources processes? HR Fuzion offers a complete a diagnostic review of your Human Resources policies, practices and procedures. We'll create an action plan that keeps you ahead of the curve with compliance and regulatory rules while setting the direction for your HR efforts.

HR Health Audit Focuses on:

  •    Recruiting & selection
  •    On-boarding
  •    Employee relations
  •    Compensation & benefits
  •    Compliance
  •    Recognition systems
  •    Performance management
  •    Health & safety
  •    Employee communications
  •    Career planning
  •     Learning & development management
  •     Separation

Additional Compliance Audits at a Glance

  •    FMLA audits
  •    I-9 audits
  •    Personnel file audits

Compliance Training & Policy Development at a Glance

  •    ADA Policy development & training
  •    Communication systems policy development & training
  •    Drug & Alcohol Policy development & training
  •    FMLA/MFLA process development & training
  •    Non-harassment non-discrimination policy development & training