Handbook & Policy Formation

Company policies set productive standards of conduct, create systems to deal with complaints, reduce damaged communications, & insure consistency in discipline, safety & work rules. Moreover, written policies help avoid charges of favoritism on the one hand & unfairness & discrimination on the other. Most importantly written policies & procedures help create & maintain a content, more satisfied & more productive workforce.

Benefits Of Employee Handbooks & Policies:

  •    To serve as written declarations of an organizations commitment to fair employment practices & equal employment opportunity
  •    To express & serve as the basic philosophies of senior management
  •    To provide employers with a systematic approach to effective employer-employee relations.
  •    To outline company guidelines & requirements.

Handbook & Policy Formation Services at a Glance:

  •    Revision of current handbook
  •    Development of customized employee handbook
  •    Policy compliance review
  •    Communication/application training
  •     Best practice guidance