HR Fuzion is here to help and answer any questions you may have related to compliance and Human Resources "Best Practices" pertaining to COVID-19. We understand that there has been an abundance of new information and we have been working around the clock to provide our clients and prospects with the most up-to-date information.

Below are ways HR Fuzion can help, should you need support:

  • • Understanding FMLA+ and EPSL Legislation
  • • COVID-19 Policy Development
  • • COVID-19 Company, Employee, Client Communications/Memos
  • • Telecommuting/Work from Home Polices, Employee Agreements and Checklists
  • • FMLA+ and EPSL Tracking Tools
  • • Leave Forms
  • • Documents for Tax Credits
  • • Communication and Guidance for Furloughs and Layoffs
  • • Return to Work Checklist, Policies and Employee Communications
  • • FAQ's and General Questions

Latest News:
Late last night the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) provided us some direction related to tax credits and documentation required in order to receive these tax credits. This position is outlined in their detailed FAQ highlighting the documentation employers can require to substantiate an employee's need for EPSL and FMLA+. The IRS also detailed the documents that must be maintained to obtain tax credits for EPSL and FMLA+ payments.


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